Event Details

Art at the Races
November 7, 2015

Gates open 7:00am
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11407 Constitution Hwy.
Montpelier Station, VA 22957


The Event

Photos of the 2014 event are now up!

Art at the Races is a ‘Plein Air’ art event that celebrates open air painting within the historic environment of Montpelier. This rich week long gathering of 12 Plein Air artists at Montpelier, culminates at the long held Montpelier Hunt Races on Saturday November 1, in the TRF ‘Gallery Tent’. Here is where the artist’s brushwork on canvas, from their week at Montpelier, and the’ wet painting’ they will be working on at the races, is for sale to benefit the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation at Montpelier.

The Beneficiary

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation at Montpelier opened its doors at James Madison’s Montpelier Estate in November of 2003. As soon as the fencing and barn renovations had been completed, the first shipment of rescued-off-the-track Thoroughbreds arrived. The initial group numbered only 14 but more soon followed. Today our herd numbers up to seventy-three. Although part of our job is to rehabilitate as many of the Thoroughbreds as we can into second careers off the track, most are unable to do this because of the severity of their racetrack injuries. Our facility has become a safe haven for these horses and we continue to raise funds for their daily care and feeding. Some of the original 14 still dwell in the lush, green, and historic pastures here.

The TRF Mission

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation is the largest equine sanctuary in the world dedicated to the retirement, rehabilitation and retraining of Thoroughbred horses no longer able to compete on the racetrack.